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It's What's Happening!

It's been an incredible ride putting this event together for the whole Community to experience! It's like a train on the track with no brake, it's going full steam ahead with NO chance of stopping now.

The Spectrum and Daily News posted an article about our event and we are Pleased to share it with you. Click Here to view the full article. Here a a few excerpts from it.

"Before you attend the first-ever Blue Butterfly House benefit concert, you should know its organizers have informed the public there's some necessary items you'll need to bring with you.

The advisory? BYOK: Bring Your Own Kleenex.

The warning, mostly a joke, was coined by BBH cofounder Debbie Heisler, the mother of David Heisler, the Santa Clara man who went missing shortly after the end of a "nasty" custody battle and whose body was later found in a remote location on the Arizona Strip. "

We have a Fantastic Volunteer Committee overseeing all of the things we need to complete before the concert date...we cannot THANK THEM enough!

"The BBH is a concept Debbie and Suzun conceptualized together after meeting in the elevator at the courthouse and discovering they both, unfortunately, have had similar experiences in their families, which Suzun says still doesn't feel like a coincidence to her.

Through losing her daughter and dealing with a former son-in-law with drug and mental health-related issues, Suzun is raising her grandchildren, and she said she quickly realized "the system" needs an overhaul for families who aren't involved with the Division of Child and Family Services.

In an effort to alleviate the oftentimes painful exchanges between parents in a custody battle, the BBH hopes to provide a safe space for non-DCFS families during the exchange time and also offering child care between drop-offs, third-party supervised visitation and grandparent respite."

Thank you to the Community Partners and Private Donors for all of your support now and in the future! The Blue Butterfly House is poised to make a difference in this community!

Feel free to click here once again for the link to the full story. Of course share, tweet or stop by and make a donation to show your support as well!

Special Thank you to The Spectrum & Daily News, Emily Havens....Their support means the world to us!

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