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It's Time To Protect The Children

"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies....."

For those who say "It's so hard to do something", I say "It's harder to do nothing"............

Shared from Debbie Heisler's post:

I have been telling everyone about the Blue Butterfly House, it's purpose, how it was born and why we need it! The response is amazing! I challenge everyone to LIKE and SHARE this post! let's see how many people we can get to share and like the page!

There is this little girl, she has a HUGE story! She was the innocent child in a very emotional custody case. Her mother was ordered to have supervised visitation that lasted for 2+ years and it was ordered to continue after the judge ruled that her Daddy was to have permanent custody. Because they were not in the Juvenile court system, her grandmother was designated the supervisor for the entire time of the order....nearly 2.5 years.

Grandma was put in some of the most unsafe conditions during her time as the Supervisor. Because it was court ordered, she had no choice but to be present when and wherever to provide the ordered parent time to the Mom.

No one should put themselves in harms way on purpose, better yet, no child should be put in unsafe conditions just to accommodate a court order.

The Blue Butterfly House would be a safe place for children to have their visits, along with a safe place for parent exchanges to take place.

This little girl.....she lost both of her parents. Her Mother killed her Daddy and now she lives with her grandparents for the rest of her childhood years.

PLEASE!!!! LIKE THIS PAGE AND SHARE THIS POST!!! We will be raising money to open our First Blue Butterfly House and we Need Your Help!

If you are thinking, whey didn't they use a service? Currently in Southern Utah, there is no FREE or COST EFFECTIVE way that a parent with (non-DCFS) Court Ordered Supervised Parent Time can do it in neutral location. There are places that provide the service, but at a fee that most people cannot afford for an ongoing period of time.


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