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Successful Visits Are Happening

After completing the first set of successful visits for 2 local families, we are so pleased to announce that everyone left happy to see one another. One parent was completely overwhelmed with joy. They hadn't seen their children in years and as they came to the visit, you could see the nervousness, but as the children ran up and embraced them immediately, you could see the joy overtake the day!

Both parent and children were happy at the end of the visit and looking forward to the next time they would get to see their parent.

After a year of building this organization, we have planned and prepped for this day and hoped that we would see such wonderful interactions. What we weren't prepared for was the emotional responses that we felt when this day actually occurred. The drive home for me was filled with tears and joy. This mission and passion was son's memory was being honored and a family found new hope. There truly wasn't anything more fulfilling than that!

I hope that we get to see many more of these incredible stories as we see families begin to piece their lives back together.

What was even more exciting is the children saying they couldn't wait to come back again and their parent's thanking us for being here for them!

Love heals wounds and I felt a huge sense of emotional healing that day. Can't wait for more stories of love and hope!

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