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We are On Our Way!

"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies....."

We are starting to get registrants for our Golf Tournament!!! Prizes are starting to be donated for Opportunity Drawings. We are ON OUR WAY!

The Blue Butterfly House is more than just a vision.... it will be the love of the community that builds this house for sure. Genuine care for each other, care for our children and their safety and care for our community is what fuels this mission.

We can see what this facility will look like in our mind, we can see what is expected of it's performance on paper, but when we meet the people we can see what it means to each and every one of them.

Child custody, parent time issues and conflict that arises in the family dynamic when it is broke down is something that touches nearly all of us in our society these days. Fractured families struggle and sometimes lose sight of what is really important and that is the children.

Blue Butterfly House wishes to represent the community by providing a safe facility to ease those conflicts by reporting truth and giving structure to the Supervised Visitations. Our vision is to see this facility established within the next 1 to 2 years.

Come out and support our event! It will take place at the Bloomington Country Club on June 20th and Registration starts at 7am! For all the details and so sign up, check out this page:

If you can't participate, maybe you can offer a donation to help us make it the best fundraising event ever!

Message us at for more information!

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