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An Opportunity to HELP!

"If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies....."

Here is your chance to help.

Hopefully you've had a chance to check out the ins and outs of our website. If so then you may already know that The Blue Butterfly House was born because of a need in our community! Suzun Abbott, Debbie Heisler and David Harless came together to form this organization. The Blue Butterfly House will be a facility where Supervised Visitation with loved ones can be conducted. Supervised Visitation can be scary for all involved. So we set out on a mission open a safe facility.

The community needs a safe place for children to visit as well as for parent time exchanges and in the future also provide a Grandparent respite, support groups and other services.

Suzun and I have scarily similar stories, we have both lost a child, had someone kidnapped, have had to deal with supervised visitation of a parent and are we are both raising our grandchildren. We know first hand the need, but we have heard from many other in the community with similar needs, so we know that the future is bright for The Blue Butterfly House.

You might be thinking that there should already be this type of service available, you would be right. However, current services are offered at an hourly rate that most people cannot afford. We hope to be able to provide this service either free or at the very least cost effectively. Sometimes it is just needed for a short term, while issues before the court are worked out. Other times it may go longer. Either way, courts will still order supervised visitation, so a facility of this nature is definitely in need.

Here's where you can help......We are looking for Sponsors that would like to be recognized on our website and shared on our social media. Please contact us by message on the home page, if your company would like to be one of our annual sponsors. We have plenty of opportunities to help, but this is the very first one we are offering!

Can't thank you all enough for the incredible outpouring of support! We are on our way!

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